Are you ready to embark on the ultimate self-care journey? Perfect! Join the family here at Lemonade Box, the UK’s favourite self-care subscription box. You’ll unite with an extremely warm and welcoming community, filled with people who share the simple desire to better themselves and feed their minds, bodies and souls with nothing but positivity and self-love.


Behind the scenes, the squad here at Lemonade Box always strive to bring you a wide range of all the best self-care products from local businesses and brands across the globe. When you subscribe, you will receive a mixture of 5-6 sample sized and full sized, luxury self-care gifts that will allow you to truly relish in the many depths and layers of beauty, peace and happiness that self-care provides.

Your monthly Lemonade Box may include, but is by no means limited to: health and lifestyle products, beauty items, healing crystals, bath and shower products, aromatherapy, healthy snacks and drinks, skincare, accessories and superfoods – this is just to name a few!

Wait, there’s more! In each monthly Lemonade Box, you will also receive a monthly task that we like to call, your 'Monthly Mission'. Every mission is specifically designed to encourage positive thinking and behaviour. They will also spur you to step out of your comfort zone (even if it’s just a little) because we want to see you grow and we want to see you thrive.