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Lemonade Box - Gift for a Stranger



We’re all dealing with something. Everyone faces struggles that they often hide from the outside world. At Lemonade Box, we therefore believe that everyone deserves kindness and we should all look out for each other as much as we can. With this gift box, you can do just that. It is filled with a range of luxury self-care products from local businesses and brands across the globe, which will allow someone in need of true kindness to relish in the many depths and layers of beauty, peace and happiness that self-care provides. With every box you donate, Lemonade Box will also donate an additional gift box to someone that's having a rough time. Upon checkout, if you are from the UK, simply enter your own shipping details and we will ensure the box is delivered to someone in need. If you are not from the UK, enter any UK address and shipping will be free. Senders and receivers will remain anonymous. However, in the gift message section at checkout, you can leave a personalised message for the receiver to open and smile at. Thank you for your generosity. At Lemonade Box, we will always appreciate the love and kindness you show to yourself and the people you share this planet with, because we are all the same and we should always stick together.