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Inside The November Lemonade Box 2023

Inside The November Lemonade Box 2023

Welcome to the November Lemonade Box! This month’s box is worth £93.85 and contains 5 products from cruelty-free wellness brands across the globe. This month, we’re focusing on highlighting independent brands and their stories so when you’re ready, let’s get stuck in!

The Beauty Crop Fineapple Hand & Body Wash - £9.00

This luxurious hand and body wash is perfect for everyday use. Its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The Pineapple and Aloe Vera Extract work together to provide a refreshing and hydrating experience, leaving your skin feeling nourished and revitalised. The mouthwatering Pineapple scent is sure to uplift your mood and leave you feeling refreshed. With its creamy lather and moisturising properties, it’s the perfect for everyday.

Westbarn & Co. Coconut Prep Mist - £15.00

Like holiday in a bottle, the Coconut Prep Mist smells like heaven. Formulated with glycerin which illuminates the skin for that natural, dewy glow. Try popping the Coconut Mist in the fridge before spraying all over your face and body.

This lightweight spritz can be used before makeup application or throughout the day for a burst of hydration. In their delicate coconut scent, WB&Co ensured it’s suitable for all skin types & a lightweight texture.

InLight Beauty Organic Chocolate Face Mask Mini - £15.00

Indulgent and uplifting mask with organic cacao for sensual luxury; argan oil to nourish, refine and detox pores; rose to restore and balance the skin; and baobab - the 21st century superfood to gently exfoliate and deliver a burst of antioxidant protection. This mask aims to calm and nourish your skin whilst gently exfoliating dead skin cells without harsh chemicals. As you relax, the InLight Chocolate mask works to decongest and deeply cleanse your skin to remove impurities, provide a deep clean and leave your skin feeling velvety soft!

BAIE Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Serum - £34.00

This powerful serum optimises skin health, blurring fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating and softening, for radiant skin with that highly sought after natural glow. Packed full of naturally derived ingredients, Rose Renew is a hyaluronic serum created to provide the skin with everything it needs to support the natural renewal and regeneration process. The natural blend works by improving elasticity and moisture levels, increasing cell turnover and collagen production, softening and brightening while improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Botanicals Coffee & Walnut Facial Exfoliator - £14.90

If you’re only using coffee to wake up in the mornings, you’re missing a trick in your skincare game. For dry or dull skin, this exfoliator rejuvenates and brightens the skin without stripping it of hydration. Walnut shell powder acts as a gentle scrub that sloughs off dead skin cells as you massage the product on your face, coffee invigorates the complexion for a bright and fresh look, and glycerin hydrates the skin to keep it smooth. You can expect healthy glowing skin!

If you're keen to try new products, save money on your self-care routine and join our community of self-care lovers, pick you plan today & get the November box delivered to your door.

As always, all the products you find inside your Lemonade Box are strictly cruelty-free and handpicked by our experienced wellness buyer to ensure your routine is simple yet effective!

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