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Meet our 1st December spoiler worth £50!

Meet our 1st December spoiler worth £50!

This month, we're bringing you 5 products worth a total of £120.00 from both global and independent wellness brands across the globe.

Inside, you can expect to find products from: FEWE, Glow Hub, Murad, Westbarn Co. & Aesthetically Perfect Skin - 4 of which are full-sized & 1 being a travel-sized staple.

Our first spoiler is from FEWE with their Eau So Happy Cologne worth £50.00!

Full-sized at 50ml, this fresh & festive scent is sure to boost your mood over the Christmas period & support you through your cycle.

Now, we know what you're thinking... 'how does it do that?!' We're not about gatekeeping so read on for the scoop on FEWE and their Eau So Happy Cologne!

How it works for you...

When we smell something, the scent travels up our nose, through to the amygdala (which is responsible for a lot of our emotions), and the hippocampus, before arriving in the thalamus (which processes sensory signals). That means that everything we smell passes by the emotion and memory parts of the brain before we can even smell it. 

We all know someone that has a different fragrance for moments in their life that bring joy or mean something special. As the festive period is full of creating new & happy memories, we wanted to send you a fragrance that would bring back all those emotions every time you smelt it.

Supporting you through your cycle...

Eau So Happy is here to support you in all phases of your cycle.

FEWE's bespoke scent is designed to lift your mood throughout every phase.

Phase 01 - calm and relax you Phase 02 - Energise you Phase 03- keep you uplifted Phase 04- soothe you as you start to wind down

Wondering what notes you'll find in this fragrance?

CBD: Invigorates your body's command centre for instant zen.
Orange, Neroli, Petitgrain & Mandarin: Revitalising citrus notes to boost your mindset.
Pear, Green Stem Accord: Crisp and sharp to awake your senses.
Cardamom: Spicy and woody to invigorate.
Lily & Rose: Floral notes known for mood boosting properties.
Vetiver, Frankincense & Amber: Relieving the stress of everyday life and brings you to a place of calm.
Musk, Moss & Soft Woods: For focus and grounding.

Use whenever you need a lift for the day ahead. Just take a deep breath, spray, hold in for four and breath out for four.

December boxes are now available to order via our website & we're guaranteeing delivery before Christmas for all orders placed by the 17th of December 2022!

To pick your plan and get your December box worth £120.00, click here!