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Finding the right clay mask for your skin!

Finding the right clay mask for your skin!

Finding the right clay mask for your skin type can be difficult. If you get it wrong, your skin could be left dry, tight or itchy. If you get it right, your skin should be left soft, hydrated, clear and glowing - so it's definitely worth the effort!

It's a common misconception that clay masks are only good for those with oily skin - this isn't true! If you find the right clay mask, they can provide benefits for all skin types and it's something we wouldn't be without in our weekly routine. 

Kaolin clay is most popular for people with dry or sensitive skin as it's the most gentle clay of them all. Although it is less oil-absorbent than its green family member, it's the most suitable for sensitive skin as it isn't as drying. 

A great clay mask for those with sensitive or dry skin would the UpCircle Kaolin Clay Face Mask. In this mask, olive powder is combined with rejuvenating white kaolin clay, coconut powder and baobab oil to deeply cleanse your skin whist hydrating your skin barrier. 

Alternatively, if you have oily or combination skin we'd recommend trying a green, yellow or pink clay mask. People with combination skin have both oily and dry skin issues, and clay masks are effective in treating them. These face masks help remove excess oil production, cleanse the dirt in pores, boost hydration, and provide gentle exfoliation without stripping off the skin’s natural oils. 

Australian Pink Clay masks are gorgeous but French pink clay is equally as good and often, less expensive - so budget does also come into play here. 

For those with oily or combo skin, we'd recommend 2 masks we've featured in Lemonade Box before - the TOUCH Australian Pink Clay Mask with Himalayan Salt or the BYBI Super Greens Purifying Mask from this months box!

This months Lemonade Box is worth £100+ and contains 7 products from 5 brands across the globe such as BYBI, Earth Harbor, UpCircle, The Beauty Crop & Caprea. 

*The people at Lemonade Box are not dermatologists or doctors and everything in this blog post is a personal opinion. Always read the label and we recommend always doing a patch test before using a new product.