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First look inside the October Lemonade Box

First look inside the October Lemonade Box

Welcome to the October 2022 box worth £101.94! This month, we've picked 7 of the very best targeted products to combat many areas of possible skin concern & leave you looking and feeling truly looked after. Inside, we've got award winning formulas, planet friendly packaging and of course, everything is cruelty-free. So, let's get stuck in...

Earth Harbor Sea-Retinol Digital Serum - £40.00

A guilt-free fountain of youthful glow, this green queen is naturally non-irritating, non-photosensitizing, and overflowing with phyto-Vitamin C. Samphire not only reigns as a safe retinol-like alternative and blue light blocker, but also leads as a sustainable one since it is a rapidly renewable succulent plant. Samphire is also pregnancy-friendly, specifically designed for sensitive skin, and eliminates the need to gradually build up a tolerance to retinol. If you're looking to improve uneven texture, fine lines, wrinkles, blue light exposure and dryness - this is the serum for you!

Caprea Beauty No Stress Pillow Spray - £13.95

It's been a while since we've introduced you to a new pillow spray and with Caprea Beauty recently launching their own, we thought now would be the perfect time. Made with patchouli, ylang ylang and rosemary oil with additional hints of lavender to relax the senses & allow you to de-stress and drift off peacefully. Spritz two pumps of Caprea Pillow Spray into the air, or directly onto linens from a distance of around 20-30cm. For best results, use immediately prior to rest or sleep.

The Beauty Crop Melon Dollar Lips Trio Set - £21.00

As we come into the festive season, it's important to us that we provide something suitable for everyone - for every occasion. This month, we've included an exclusive from The Beauty Crop with not 1 but 3 shades of their Melon Dollar Lips Lipgloss: Cherry, Melonaire, and Pop. Made with watermelon seed oil and peppermint oil, these glosses help to heal dry, chapped & cracked lips whilst balancing moisture on the lips and have a natural plumping effect on the lips.

UpCircle Cirtus Blend Travel Face Scrub - £6.99

Over recent years, UpCircle have been taking over the skincare game. This month, it's your turn to try their award winning face scrub formulated for dry, dehydrated skinwith rosehip, sweet orange and lemon verbena essential oils. Orange oil acts as both an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Perfect for soothing redness and irritation, whilst uplifting lemon verbena helps to tone the skin. With strong antiseptic properties, our natural face exfoliator can also help treat acne and spots for a clear complexion. Buff away dry, dead cells to leave you feeling soft, smooth and glowing.

BYBI Beauty Super Greens Purifying Face Mask - £20.00

Super Greens is a powerful clarifying face mask that uses a unique blend of detoxifying and nourishing actives to calm and clear congested skin, without drying it out. Ideal for those with oily skin, congested, blackheads, stressed skin and/or acne-prone skin. Super Greens helps bring stressed-out skin back into balance. From congestion to redness, it uses purifying ingredients such as kaolin clay and spirulina to gently cleanse pores and calm skin.

This month, you can get a free mystery box with 5 additional items & 10% off your first box by using the code MYSTERY at checkout! 

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