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The benefits of oiling your scalp

The benefits of oiling your scalp

Heard of oiling your hair? Let's take it one step further and look at oiling your scalp! If you reflect on your self-care routine, you may come to the realisation that you've been neglecting your scalp when in fact, if you give it a little extra love - you'll reap the rewards!

There's a variety of scalp and hair oils you can use to suit any budget or lifestyle. When worked into your existing hair routine, it can really elevate the manageability of your hair, ease frizz and often even help with hair growth. 


Depending on the oil you choose, the application method will vary. Some scalp oils are applied as a pre-wash treatment. For this, you would typically apply an hour or so before you plan on washing your hair. Alternatively, if you have a post-wash treatment we recommend you washing your hair as normal with your chosen shampoo and conditioner then following with your scalp oil. 

To apply, the method we find works best is to part the hair and apply the oil directly to your scalp. If you have one with a nozzle top, you'll find this super easy. Otherwise, pour the oil into your hands, warm it between your fingers then massage into the scalp using circular motions.


1. Umberto Giannini Banana Superfood Hair & Scalp Oil - £8.75

For dry, frizzy and textured hair types. Packed with nature's powerful oils to help maintain a healthy scalp and combat dryness. Instantly nourishes, restores hair health, softness and shine. Try this inside the September Lemonade Box.

2. Hair Syrup Mint Condition - £13.99

Looking for something to help with a dry, itchy, sensitive scalp? Revive hair from root to tip with this cooling & detoxifying pre-wash oil treatment. Unlike other harsh, clarifying treatments, this remarkable oil-based formula tackles all of your scalp-woes without compromising the integrity of the hair and while deeply moisturising and nourishing your scalp.

3. BIA Super Roots Hair Growth Elixir - £29.99

Feed your roots with their nourishing hair growth oil made from rosemary, pumpkin, green tea and 14 other essential oils, designed to help combat hair loss and promote thicker, fuller hair.


When struggling with your hair, you may find that giving your scalp some extra love could solve all of your hair woes. Whether you're thinking of speeding up your styling routine, decreasing frizz or looking to add some extra hydration to your hair as the weather turns colder - try a hair oil and check out the results for yourself.